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The best gourmet itinerary around La Maison Favart

Bite into crispy pastries, surprise your palate with exotic flavors or be seduced by the ingenuity of the greatest chefs... When it comes to gastronomy, Paris deserves its reputation. To make sure you don't miss a thing, we have selected the best addresses where you can treat yourself, just a few steps away from the hotel La Maison Favart.

Matcha break in the gardens of the Palais-Royal

To start the day off right, the first stop you must make is at Café Kitsuné (11 minutes' walk) to taste one of their specialties: a white matcha latte, an energizing green tea with white chocolate, or one of their delicious coffees, roasted by them in their Parisian workshop. To accompany this tasty experience, there is nothing better than to take your order to go, and then stroll in the peaceful garden of the Palais Royal adjoining.‍

Journey of flavors for lunch

Get ready to take your taste buds on a journey, because when it comes to international restaurants, the area around La Maison Favart is a world tour all by itself! At Cali Sisters (8 minutes walk), the Californian cuisine is colorful and healthy. Here, you can enjoy soft pancakes or greedy salads, washed down with fresh detox juices, all in a relaxed atmosphere inspired by the West Coast lifestyle.

To discover modern Asian cuisine, head to Bleu Bao (10 minutes walk) and its farandoles of tasty dim sums (small portions eaten in Cantonese cuisine). In a traditional Chinese house decor, order several small plates to be able to taste everything! Short on time? Go to one of the best sandwich shops in Paris, Micho (8 minutes on foot), for a Mediterranean-influenced, generous and comforting snack. Remember to save a little room for the rest of the day, the day is not over yet!

Treat yourself to an exceptional snack

If there was only one stopover to make, it would undoubtedly be this one. Only an 8-minute walk from La Maison Favart, this pastry mecca, recognizable by the long line that runs along its window (30-minute minimum wait), will delight the most discerning palates.

Pastry chef Cédric Grolet (crowned best in the world in 2018) has been officiating there for four years in a deluge of ingenuity and mastery. Known for his trompe-l'oeil fruits and flowers with bluffingly realistic finishes, the master also offers a series of revisited classics (Paris-Brest, flan, fruit tarts) as well as appetizing pastries.

Gastronomic Panorama‍

This deliciously gourmet stroll will soon come to an end. To complete this excursion, the Passage des Panoramas ( 5 minutes on foot), one of the oldest covered passages in Paris, holds some tempting promises.

In the mood to reach for the stars? Two Michelin-awarded restaurants will satisfy your cravings: the Italian Racines, a must on the Parisian gastronomic scene, and Marcore l'étage, for chic and timeless French cuisine (located on Rue des Panoramas). In a more casual atmosphere, the bistro Astair offers excellent traditional French dishes, from egg mayonnaise to farmhouse chicken supreme with mashed potatoes.

The evening then continues out of sight, your face lit by the flickering candlelight of Danico (8 minutes walk from La Maison Favart), the cocktail bar hidden at the back of the Daroco restaurant. Let the bartender surprise you with a surprise cocktail designed especially for you, and savor this nectar before returning to the hushed comfort of La Maison Favart's rooms.

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